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Hi, I'm Peter Rose, Founder of Longwood Currency Trading, and welcome to my LCT Currency Trading Blog Catalog of Posts page. [***jump to catalog listings]

Many times, posts here reflect topics covered on my YouTube channel for Longwood Currency Trading, and vice‐versa, so lots of material to consider when you're looking for sleep inducing entertainment!

Posts are displayed chronologically in descending order, i.e. most recent post to the oldest/earliest posts, so you don't have to scroll to the end of the list for the current posting.

Date sequencing is unimportant as each post covers an independent topic or issue. If I do write a series of chronologically dependent posts, I'll group all of those together under a master dated topic.

Post topics range from almost all aspects of the trading experience, though there is little here for the beginner looking for the definition of a pip, or how to place trendlines on a trading platform chart.

You will note that each post is dated as to when it was created. The date, however, has nothing to do with the relevance of the content. All of my posts, as well as videos, deal with issues that are timeless. They will be as relevant tomorrow as they are today because the issues I discuss are based on wisdom learned yesterday, last year, centuries of thought and experience carried forward from one generation to the next.

Catalog of Posts
Posts 2020
  • 09/10/20: 4 Methods of FOREX Entry Risk Analysis

  • 08/27/20: Having The Correct FOREX Trading Presence of Mind
  • 08/25/20: The Case For Trading Only 1 FOREX Currency Pair
  • 08/20/20: 3 Steps To Profitable FOREX Trading
  • 08/13/20: FOREX Trading Rates of Return Calculations

  • 07/31/20: When To Quit Your Day Job To Trade FOREX
  • 07/25/20: How to Evaluate a FOREX Trade Entry Setup
  • 07/22/20: FOREX Trading Is Not Stressful Unless You Make It Stressful
  • 07/20/20: Rethinking Staging Out of FOREX Positions
  • 07/13/20: How To Learn From FOREX Trading Losses
  • 07/07/20: How To Use Moving Averages Correctly In Your FOREX Trading
  • 07/01/20: Price Mechanics of a FOREX Currency Pair

  • 06/26/20: 3 FOREX Scalping Position Management Rules
  • 06/24/20: Advantages Trading the FOREX Foreign Currency Market
  • 06/22/20: Why I Trade FOREX With An Inverted Reward To Risk Ratio
  • 06/12/20: Why I'm a Short Term FOREX Scalper
  • 06/06/20: How To Get Started Trading FOREX

  • 05/13/20: Why I Think The FOREX Currency Market Is The Safest To Trade
  • 05/12/20: Importance of Learning FOREX Currency Trading Skills
  • 05/11/20: 3 No Tears FOREX Currency Trading Rules
  • 05/10/20: FOREX Currency Trading Systems Work Until They Don't
  • 05/09/20: FOREX Currency Trading For Adults 21 to 34
  • 05/08/20: FOREX Currency Trading To Win Instead Of How Not To Lose
  • 05/07/20: Planning For FOREX Currency Trading Losses

  • 04/30/20: How Bad Can FOREX Currency Trading Losses Get?
  • 04/23/20: FOREX Currency Trading During a Panic
  • 04/16/20: The Myth of Using FOREX Currency Trading Indicators
  • 04/12/20: From FOREX Currency Trading Failure To Success

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